Key West, Florida: Bed and Breakfast Inns That Reinvigorate

Is your time being spent just working and no playing? Unfortunately, the turbulence and pressures of everyday life can take a toll. Dealing with difficult or complex tasks, or trying to master business matters, can generate stress. Stress tends to divert our attention from important quality of life choices like: spending time with family, friends; and enjoying health and exercise.

If you feel that a brief getaway may reinvigorate your mind and body, you are probably right. Taking a break is a very healthy coping strategy. Select a destination that provides plenty of opportunities for exercise, attractions, art viewing, and unique culinary choices. It’s a good prescription for optimal wellness. There are dozens of delectable destinations that provide visitors with enormous amounts of flexibility.

Without a doubt, Key West, Florida is a welcome and very engaging town. It is a must visit place for anyone that wishes to recharge their batteries. It is a three hour drive from Miami. Along the drive, travelers cross over 60 bridges, one of which is seven miles long. Key West succeeds in waking us up and reminds us just how important relaxation is. It is a destination for those who have fallen into stressful states because of attitudes or behavior. The locale presents dozens of opportunities to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate.

It doesn’t take a great deal of stamina or zeal to enjoy the pleasures of Key West especially if you don’t like driving around in cars. Most activities are within a leisurely walk. Moreover, for those that need a thrill in their lives, this area will give tourists the opportunity to experience rewarding, challenging and stimulating activities.

A lot of high profile people like to visit Key West, Florida. It is a place that feels enormously freeing. Traveling miles from home where no one pays attention to who they are, and no one is interested in their identity is wonderful for celebrities. Actors, actresses, sports stars, authors and musicians can simply walk down Duval Street and feel normal. People passing by have no curiosity about who the wanderer is. In Key West, high profile people don’t have to worry about their appearance. They can let down their guard and this feels like a true getaway retreat.

Jody Carlson, innkeeper of the Key West Bed and Breakfast shares,  “Key West is laid back. You don’t have to dress up. You can wear shorts and a T-shirt to the finest restaurants.” Jody continues,  “It is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle. Days here are longer, we linger as if there are no troubles in the world. We don’t supply newspapers except local news. We have no TV, and no phone. There is a resident dog. Parking on the street is non-metered. People don’t need a car once they get here.”

Former U.S. Presidents, fashion designers, novelists, musicians, comedians and baseball players like to take daily walks, perhaps along a street or park, and feel especially inconspicuous, beneath a hat and dark sunglasses. They can leave their old self behind and step into a new personality with a new identity. It is a very empowering feeling. Being ordinary, doing ordinary things feels just terrific.

Key West is a tiny paradise built upon coral rock and limestone. It is a feast for the senses that is easy to navigate. Area attractions such as Pirate Soul Museum and Hemingway Museum are convenient. There are great places to eat, shop, play, and stay.  Arts and cultural activities are plentiful. Friends and college buddies come back year after year at the same time for reunions. People come from all over the world to stay.

Several U.S. presidents such as Harry Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter have visited Key West. The history and architecture of Key West can be explored on bicycle; although walking tours are also a possibility. The Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square is a marvel for visitors and residents. Boat excursions and water tours provide a picturesque way to view the town from the ocean. Duval Street offers different entertainment options such as bars and restaurants –  all within walking distance of each other.

Musicians, writers, poets and artists have been inspired by Key West. It is a fun locale with interesting history. After you have played around there for a while, you will wonder why it took you so long to get there. From the beginning to the end of your visit, Key West will weave a compelling spell, and you might never wish to leave.

How often do we wind up at a place and don’t have the foggiest idea where to go and what to do? When we stay at a bed and breakfast inn, the experience and knowledge of the innkeeper resolves this conundrum in moments.

Most significantly, one of Key West’s strengths is its ability to present travelers with a multitude of interesting activities, and restaurants. The local people are friendly and band together to produce memorable experiences and intricate adventures that will never leave you. When visitors reach the conclusion of their vacation, they will invariably understand just how important every detail of the trip was. In addition, innkeepers, with their great knowledge and unique capabilities, can transform a traditional getaway into a real retreat that addresses a variety of delightful options. Rejuvenating spa treatments, which strike at the heart of our stress and anxiety, allow our tensions to slowly disappear.

When visiting Key West, there can be a great deal of activities on one’s plate. Fortunately, the innkeepers can help us organize our days in an easily digestible way. They can help weave together a multifaceted and varied itinerary of fun activities. For those who want to delve into the nitty gritty of Key West’s history, the innkeeper can be an indispensable resource who brilliantly fills the void.

With their breezy and casual lifestyle, the people of Key West have a great deal of sensitivity and insight. They refuse to permit discrepancies in age, occupation, culture or status to get in the way of their love for the place. As visitors, we get a good view of island life and it’s impact on locals.

FEATURED PROPERTY: It goes without saying that the grounds and facilities of the Key West Bed and Breakfast in Key West, Florida are peaceful and soothing to the eyes. A welcoming atmosphere is evident throughout the inn. The location is on a tropical island, with some of the best sunsets and sunrises imaginable. This gives visitors a sense of privacy and romance. The beautiful setting along with great service makes this a destination of unsurpassed charm.

Upon arrival, a staff member will check in guests at the front desk and escort visitors to their quiet and cozy rooms. The staff will familiarize newly arrived guests with the property, give them a tour of the inn and explain the history. The staff explains the breakfast particulars, and shares other details, including activities available in Key West. The innkeeper is known for her smiles, hospitality and attention to detail.

The Key West B & B is recommended to anyone who wants a good dose of serenity, privacy and relaxation. Relax on one of the four porches and just gaze at the beautiful gardens. It is a place where you can spend easy times in good conversation with friends.

SUMMARY: The Key West B & B is a lovely blend of warm service, sumptuous breakfasts, and home-style charm. The accommodating staff, comfortable rooms, abundant amenities, exceptional location, and excellent value make for a pleasant B & B experience.

ROOMS: Rooms are comfortable, airy and inviting. Relaxing beds are provided along with hairdryers. Toiletries are not included. The back garden has a Jacuzzi. There is free WiFi. Remnants of historic relics of the past, heirlooms, and antiques are evident throughout the property, and provide a glimpse into Key West’s history. The innkeeper has been collecting local art for 35 years and many pieces are displayed in the rooms and common areas. In addition to the comfort, rooms are immaculately clean with tasteful design and furniture. The property has a deck, four porches and a lovely garden.

SERVICE: Expect to receive gracious service with a warm smile. The owner/innkeeper and her staff are well known for their genuine hospitality, efficient service and willingness to help plan activities or excursions. The innkeeper and her staff are knowledgeable about the area and provide helpful suggestions to all of their guests.

AMENITIES: The inn is known for providing an exceptional, and hearty breakfast that is artfully presented. There is no dining room, but guests can eat in the common areas. Jamaican bread pudding, and seasonal fresh fruit are some of the items served for breakfast. All of the covered porches are ideal reading areas for visitors. The large common area living room is a peaceful space with a small library of different books, board games, and magazines.

LOCATION: The location is ideal for those who want to feel they are in a quiet getaway, yet still within the heart of the historic district.  It is only a few minutes from the shopping district. There are some well-established galleries where you can purchase jewelry, ceramics, textiles and paintings, or antiques just to name a few. Performing arts centers, spas, dining, parks, attractions, and cultural activities are just a short distance from the inn. Its proximity to fishing, walking, biking and water activities provides incomparable value.

CLEANLINESS: The B & B is known to be spotless, especially the guestrooms. The grounds and gardens are meticulously maintained. Overall everything, including the town, is quite eclectic.

VALUE: Compared to a standard hotel room, this property provides an excellent alternative. The niceties, friendly conversation and attentiveness of staff make the difference. The guests appreciate being asked if they are comfortable. The staff is helpful without being intrusive.