Living in ski resorts

Living in ski resorts, whether you are a first test of this new movement, or have a ski master, and the day, you are experiencing the tremendous Spyder wear more than happiness, I believe you will feel as if the body have some pain. This is because the skiing itself is a large amount of exercise sport.


Now for most people to the ski resort is a vacation child’s play, the first day of skiing if you have been feeling sore after the pain, then in the next few days, you must be very tired, not at all strength. This is for your entire holiday is obviously very negative.


So how to solve this problem? Very simple. Like a football player at the beginning of the season to be fully prepared to do all the same, take off Spyder jacket, skiers must ski before formal preparations for something good.


If you did not do any skiing before the warm-up could not wait to get on a cable car crashed ski, I think in the next few days so you must be a reckless and you will regret. Because without adequate warm-up preparation, then you ski the course, your knee injury is almost inevitable even though you wear the Spyder pad; and the sport for skiing, the knee is the most important parts precisely.


In addition, a slight mistake when skiing, it is very possible ligament tear. The most effective way to protect the knee, is to strengthen the muscles and tendons around the knee training. That is, in theory the quadriceps tendon and the foot of training is essential. Second, for skiing, the leg strength is very important so you also need to strengthen the calf muscle training.